Craig Harper is one of Australia’s most respected motivational speakers and educators. He is a highly sought-after corporate coach and is considered to be a leader and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development. Working with hundreds of teams, companies and a wide variety of organisations over the last twenty years has given Craig a unique insight into, and understanding of, human performance and all its variables. Craig has an ability to educate, inspire and make people laugh all at the same time!


Craig can tailor a presentation, workshop or program to suit the needs of your organisation, in terms of content, aims and duration. While he delivers everything from fifteen minute ‘pep talks’ to two-day, life-changing, live-in programs, the majority of his work comes in the form of thirty to ninety minute keynote corporate addresses.

Here are some of the topics that Craig covers:

  • Turning Conflict into Opportunities

  • Resolving Conflict Rationally and Effectively

  • From Mediocre to Amazing – creating our best life.

  • Defining, Exploring and Creating Success? As a company. As individuals.

  • Motivation: what is it and how do we maintain it?

  • Effective Goal Setting – we know what it is but we don’t do it!

  • Exploring the Principles and Mechanics of Positive Change.

  • Effective Communication 101 – at work, at home, in relationships.

  • The Relationship between Physical, Mental and Emotional health.

  • The Obesity Epidemic: why we’re so fat and what we can do about it right now.

  • What is Stress – and how do we manage it?

  • Changing Workplace Culture Starts with One Small Success at a Time

  • Company Culture – What is it and How to Change It?

  • Time Management – why we waste so much time (and how not to).

  • Effective management; managing ‘me’ first.

  • Leadership – in business, in life.

  • Self Sabotage – getting out of our own way. Exploring our potential.

  • Overcoming our Stinking Thinking – winning the war of the mind.

  • The Relationship between Attitude and Outcome – creating a winning attitude.

  • Developing our Opportunity Consciousness.

  • Time-efficient Fitness.

  • Making Change a ‘Forever’ thing.

  • The Destiny Myth – it’s not pre-ordained, it’s created. Destiny or decisions?

  • The Seven(teen) Habits of Highly (In)effective People

  • Excuse-ology; the Science of Excuse Making.

  • Energy Vampires and Dream Squashers. 

  • Getting the ‘People Stuff’ right in Business.



  • Toll Group

  • Staff Australia

  • City of Port Phillip

  • Department of Human Services

  • BHP

  • Huntingtower School

  • Ford and Doonan

  • Telstra

  • Altitude Real Estate

  • Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre

  • Chisholm Institute

  • Anytime Fitness

  • Blue Star Group

  • Ivanhoe Grammar

  • Entrepreneur Organisation

  • Thrive Foundation

  • OBrien Real Estate

  • GSAC

  • Priceline Pharmacy

  • Australian Society of Hypnosis

  • La Trobe Univeristy

  • Snap Fitness Portland

  • RCG Brands

  • Byfields Business Advisors

  • Tenfold Coaching

  • Baxter Health Care

  • Lauriston Girls’ School


  • Boost Juice

  • Mitre 10

  • CPA Australia

  • Dow Chemical

  • MLC

  • ING Bank

  • Myer

  • Local Government Association Queensland

  • Minter Ellison

  • Wilson Parking

  • RACV

  • Telstra

  • Electrolux

  • Programmed Maintenance Services

  • ANZ Bank

  • Cbus Super

  • Patties Foods

  • Westpac Banking Corporation

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • National Australia Bank

  • Hills Education Network

  • Kolt Fashion

  • Pitcher Partners

  • Mortgage & Finance Assoc of Australia

  • Clayton Utz

  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

  • Corporate Express

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Department of Infrastructure

  • Department Planning and Community Development

  • Simplot Australia

  • Porter Davis Homes

  • Rothschild Merchant Bank

  • Royal Children’s Hospital

  • Philip Morris International

  • Fernwood Fitness Centres

  • William Adams Caterpillar

  • Flour Daniel

  • Brivis

  • Sensis

  • Firbank Grammar

  • Caulfield Grammar

  • Western Water

  • South East Water

  • EssSuper

  • IMCD Group

  • Sodexo

  • Visionstream

  • Alinta

  • Vhetta

  • Care Connect

  • Baker & McKenzie

  • Matchworks

  • Alpha Group

  • Municipal Association of Victoria

  • Strategic Purchasing

  • Invest Blue

  • Casey Council

  • University of South Australia

  • Port Phillip Prison


  • Holmes Place Health Clubs (UK)

  • Les Mills Health Clubs (New Zealand)

  • Virgin Health Clubs (UK)

  • PT on the Net (USA, UK)

International Athletes & Teams

  • Melbourne Vixens

  • St Kilda AFL

  • Port Melbourne VFL

  • Nicole Stevenson (Olympic Swimming Champion)

  • Jacqui Cooper (3 times World Champion – Ski Aerialist)

  • Tammy Van Weiss (World Champion – Marathon Swimmer)

  • Sam Soliman (Champion Boxer)

  • Steve Brimacombe (Silver Medalist World Championships


  • Channel Ten (national television)

  • Channel 9 (national television)

  • Channel 7 (national television)

  • Foxtel (national television)

  • Channel 31 (community TV)

  • 1116 SEN Radio

  • 3 FM Radio

  • 9 FOX FM Radio

  • 774 ABC Radio

  • 693 3AW Radio

  • 9 Light FM Radio

  • Alpha Magazine

  • Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine

  • Herald Sun Newspaper

  • Melbourne Weekly Times Magazine

  • Media On Track (UK)

  • Home Gym Magazine (USA)


“Awesome! We loved your quirky delivery style. Just what we needed as a break-out session on what are typically very serious days.”
 Mick McNair, Electrolux

“Haven’t laughed so much at a presentation in years! Thanks for the positive impact you had on our staff. We all loved your frankness and honesty!” Maria Steele, Telstra

“Excellent! Craig was a fantastic speaker who held the audience captive for the length of his presentation.”
 Jennifer Soding, Bayside City Council, Australia

“We recognise that we would not receive such positive feedback from delegates without the excellent presentations and stimulating discussions provided by talented individuals, like you. Your time and effort in ensuring the success of the Convention is greatly appreciated.”
 James Symond, Mortgage & Finance Assoc of Australia

“Craig’s presentation was awesome, very motivating and honest. I haven’t heard such honesty in a long time, very refreshing. I found him very inspiring, motivational & good at identifying then presenting to his audience.” 
Jacqui Cook, Matchworks

“Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre would like to pass on our thanks to Craig for his terrific seminar he held last night. The members thoroughly appreciated his frank look on change and making a go at their fitness goals.It was lovely to arrive this morning to work to find a number of positive feedback forms had been handed into reception already! We were also able to raise $323 for Sids kids for Red Nose Day and we could have not done that without him. We would love to get Craig back in the future and hope he continues on his wonderful journey.” Amanda Watson – Health & Fitness Manager, Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre

“On Friday afternoon during conference I was lucky enough to get to hear the very real and motivating Craig Harper speak to us. His message was powerful and achievable.” Ros Baumann

“Craig Harper, thank you !! I got so much out of your presentation. I am now fully committed to making my business a success and making a mental list of all the things I am committing to doing to get un-comfortable!!” Jeanette Stevens

“Wow, wow and wow….see I told you all how fun us Lorraine Lea Linen Chicks and guys were.hehehehe..thanks Craig Harper, you were amazing too….and we learnt so much and I have come home with a new focus and am prepared to do the things that others don’t, and have a lot of FUN along the way….” Julie Dowe

“Thanks Craig Harper for your laughter and inspiration. Got some new tools in my kit now and sharpening up some old ones without over thinking the process.” Tanea Neilson Mills

“Thanx soooo much for doing your presentation for LLL on Friday! I could relate to so much of what you were saying and can move forward to apply it to my LLL biz and also my own personal development!! Absolute awesomeness!!!” Debbie Judge

“Hi Craig, I am one of those loud infectious Lorraine Lea Linen chicks and from the absolute bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for giving me the courage to hear EVERY word you said to us on Friday. I am quite comfortable in saying YOU HAVE GIVEN ME WHAT I NEEDED TO CHANGE MY LIFE from Saturday 8 feb….NOT Monday!! You were exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life and thank you thank you so much for that!! Cheers and have an awesome bloody day today.” Belinda Roser

“Thankyou Craig Harper for your strength and ability to teach us how to unlearn bad habits! It’s also equally GREAT , that you had so much fun with us! Who wouldn’t want to have fun at work like I do!! Well done!” Lissy Verity

“Craig Harper spoke at our conference yesterday. He was fantastic – we got so much from just a single session, and it seems he did too!! Thanks Craig!!” Samantha Dignan

“Thanks so much Craig you are amazing!!!” Elizabeth Laughton

“We loved you!! Can’t wait until you come back next year.” Chloe Jaycine Fox

“We are AWESOME Craig!!! Oh and so are you! LMFAO!! Love ya guts!” Kayleen Friend

“Thank you Craig for both days (I was one of the lucky girls who learned from you both days) you shared and reiterated so many life lessons. And yes we certainly do know how to have fun.” Joanna Sivec

“Thank you so much Craig, there is no Monday anymore.” Rachael Atkinson

“Craig Thank you for 2 amazing sessions this week with Lorraine Lea Linen got loads out of your session to take home and put into action.” Tanya Trathen

“OMG…. Craig Harper…What a very inspiring talk today, Craig it was awesome to have you at our Lorraine Lea Linen “NOS” Conference…” Rhonda Crowe

“Great session this arvo. Really do hope you come back again next year.” Amanda Parnall

“Hi Craig. You spoke at our Wilsons Leaders conference at Silverwater Resort, VIC in August last year and I thought I would take this opportunity to follow up with some feedback about your session. To this day I am still receiving examples of where people have used your ideas, thinking and examples and of course lots of general positive feedback from many of the participants. We also ran a post conference survey and of the 50 attendees – 11 thought your session was good and 35 saying it was excellent ( the other 4 did not complete the survey). This meant that you received the best speaker result for the conference and as I mentioned people are still talking about the session.” Kylie Johnston, Chief People Officer, Wilson Group