Sunday 23 February 2020
8:45am – 5:30pm
Deakin University
Burwood, VIC

What is The You Project Conference?

This conference is a by-product of The You Project Podcast (one of Australia’s highest rating education podcasts) and some consistent encouragement from our listening audience to create a one-day event featuring some of our most popular and inspiring guests. While there will be a broad cross-section of themes and topics, the general theme for the day is self-management on a physical, mental, emotional, social, financial and practical level. That is, ‘how do I manage me in the messy-ness and mayhem of my life?’ 

A Message from Craig (about the day)

Hi Everyone! I’m pumped to be speaking alongside some of your favourite Podcast guests and to be facilitating a day of lessons, lightbulbs and laughing. Apart from myself, the speaking line-up will include Paul Taylor (Neuroscientist, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Prolific Swearer), Bianca Chatfield (Aussie Netballer, TV Host, Author, Podcaster), Brad McEwan (Channel Ten Host, Speaker, Ripping Fella), Jason Cunningham (Media Money Bloke, Speaker, Author), Steph Prem (Olympian, Entrepreneur, Fitness Guru), Mick Hall (Addiction Specialist, Entrepreneur, Radio Host), Pete Shepherd (High Performance Coach, Speaker, Business Consultant), Cameron Schwab (Ex CEO of Richmond, Melbourne and Fremantle Football Clubs) and maybe one or two more.

Practical Stuff

Registration opens at 8am, with the event kicking off at 8.45am and running through to 5.30pm. There will be morning, afternoon and lunch breaks as well as ample time to stretch your legs. Each Presenter will speak for about forty minutes, the day will (probably) be emceed by yours truly (unless I find someone cheaper!) and we won’t know the order of speakers until closer to the event, so don’t ask me. There’s a fair chance, I’ll be first or last. The Deakin Café will be open, so grabbing a coffee, snack or meal won’t be a problem but you’re also welcome to BYO. Don’t forget to bring something to write on, be that electronic or good old-fashioned paper. Writing improves retention, behaviour and results. Hope to see you there.

Love ya guts, Harps.


The You Project Conference 2020

$197.00 AUD

Sunday 23 February 2020
8:45am – 5:30pm
Deakin University
221 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC
Rusden Lecture Theatre (LT13 – Building HC, Level 2)
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