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About this Workshop

Success is different things for different people. My triumph could be your minor achievement. My ‘personal best’ time could be your total disappointment. The thing that gives me joy, might give you anxiety (public speaking, for example). One person’s dream job will be another’s employment nightmare. You get the point. Not only is success different things for different people, it’s also different things for the same person (you, me) over time. It’s an idea. A story. It’s fluid. It changes. But there is a common denominator; we all want it. I’ve never met anyone who’s chasing failure. Everyone who came to my gyms over the years, who reads my books, who follows my social media, who attends my events, who listens to my podcast, who seeks my advice.. is all looking for their own version of success (improvement, positive change, better outcomes, less anxiety, more joy, more purpose, more fun). Well, this is a workshop about all of that and more, built on decades of helping people explore their potential, overcome their fears, do the work and find their path.


The Science of Success

$27.00 AUD

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This workshop was recorded via Zoom in November 2021.

Workshop Duration: 2hrs

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