(A Workshop about Getting Older and Better)

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About this Workshop

What if your best years are yet to come? What if your peak hasn’t come and gone? What if you can be more successful, fulfilled and empowered in the second half of your life? What if thinking (about age) is more of a limitation, than age itself? What if you could be physically, mentally and emotionally ‘better’ in your forties, fifties, sixties and beyond (you can, by the way)? What if you could learn new things, develop new skills, take on new challenges, build confidence, overcome fears, break destructive habits, improve your cognitive function and lower your biological age? What if you started a new business or career post-fifty? What if you went back to study decades after you finished? What if you stopped living ‘age-appropriately’ and started living passionately, courageously, curiously and… inappropriately?

This workshop is an exploration into optimal living, no matter where you are on your life journey. It’s about optimising your brain, body, energy, time, potential, resources, choices, behaviours and outcomes at any age.


The Late Bloomer

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This workshop was recorded via Zoom in June 2021.

Workshop Duration: 2.5hrs

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