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Hi Team. So I need 20 (or so) volunteers to join me in cyberspace tomorrow at 4pm (AEDT) for a free 30 minute online Q and A session. It will be somewhat informal (there’s a shock) and not particularly polished as we’re doing a trial run to see how our new online delivery model works for my upcoming mentoring groups. Nonetheless, it will be live and interactive (video and audio) and I will be answering questions and generally trying to figure out what the-fuck I’m doing. If you’d like stumble through this with me and observe my technological ineptitude in action, please…

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  3. You will receive an email with the meeting link and some further instructions on how to access the session.

Love ya guts and thanks for your support and contribution to my very steep technological learning curve.

** UPDATE: Thanks for your support everyone. The Test Group is now booked out. **

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