A Craig Harper Workshop

This workshop recording is now available for purchase and can be streamed at education.craigharper.net

About this Workshop

This is a workshop for over-thinkers, self-doubters, self-saboteurs, procrastinators, avoiders, stop-starters and talent wasters. As a Coach, Educator, Researcher and Personal Cheer Squad for many, I’ve watched people over-think the bejeebuz out of things for decades. Getting in their own way. Obsessing about non-existent problems. Allowing their mind to derail their potential. Starting. Stopping. Doing. Undoing. In the zone. Out of the zone. Delaying. Denying. Avoiding. Ruminating on things they can’t control. Investing their mental and emotional energy poorly. And generally, putting the brakes on their power, potential and possibilities.
This two-hour interactive workshop is about getting out of our own way, optimising potential, facing fears, learning to unlearn, building resilience, creating a better cognitive (and behavioural) operating system and ultimately, inhabiting a better personal reality. In many ways, it’s a journey into metacognition; thinking about (a) what we think (b) how we think and (c) why we think the way we do.
Hope to see you there! *Just don’t over-think it (lol).



$19.95 AUD

This workshop recording is available for 90 days following purchase and can be streamed at education.craigharper.net. Further details on how to view the recording will emailed to you upon purchase. Enjoy :)

This workshop was recorded via Zoom in September 2022.

Workshop Duration: 2hrs

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