Sunday May 29, 2022

9:30am – 12:30pm

Deakin University Burwood

Early Bird tickets only $57 (RRP $97). Offer ends midnight Sunday May 22, 2022 (AEST).

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A GOOD LIFE (The Workshop)

We all want to live a good life but what exactly does that mean? Is it different things for different people? Maybe it’s different for the same person over their life time? Maybe as we change, so does our concept of ‘a good life’. I’m pretty sure that twenty-year-old Harps might find the current version of my life, a snore-fest. Or weird. Or overwhelming. Does a good ‘situation’ (job, house, lifestyle, finances, relationships) automatically equal a good life? If not, why not? What are the ‘symptoms’ of a good life? What is the typical experience of someone in the middle of a good life? Is it about the seen or unseen? The internal non-physical world of thought, feeling, creativity, purpose and inspiration or is it about what’s being created, achieved, acquired and conquered in the external physical world? Or a combination, perhaps? Is it possible that our ‘idea’ of a good life doesn’t live up to the reality (of it) when we get there? And where does our concept of a good life come from in the first place? Culture? Society? Media? Family? Or perhaps, from somewhere more innate and instinctive? Spiritual even? Is it possible that the person in the middle of, what appears to be, a ‘great’ life, is miserable, unfulfilled, anxious and/or unhappy? Conversely, can someone who appears to be in a less-than-ideal life, be happy, fulfilled and calm? 

This workshop is the culmination of forty years of exploring these questions personally (for myself) and through my work (coaching, training, consulting and speaking) with thousands of people all wanting to live a good life.   

Here’s some feedback from previous live events…

Natasha Huysmans
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Craig, loved today, every minute. So insightful, funny, thought provoking, motivating, inspiring! Thank you.
Brendon Cummings
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Felt so inspired to get on with living life and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable!! Thanks Craig.
Rachel Knuckey
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Was an empowering all in one…had an aha moment! Made me realise I need to get my shit together.
Kylie Allpress
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Thanks so much Craig, to you & the crew! Thank you for your wise words & humour… much to be excited about now and for the future!
Nicki Ottavi
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Thank you for being so generous yesterday. For me today has been a day of planning and new insights and perspectives into my life. Was reading your books and my new life motto is ‘suck it up princess’. So today I did and I got on with it.
Natalie Kerambrun
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Thank you for inspiring me, motivating me, teaching me, empowering me, making me laugh and most of all giving me the tools to create an even better me!
Sonya Carbone
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It was awesome to hear you talk, certainly had me with a few light bulb moments.
Colleen Church
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Thank you for your wisdom, energy, love, stories, hilarity and so much more. Your ability to give that much energy, connect with everyone you spoke to and make everyone feel special is a gift. You are one phenomenal human.



Craig Harper Live Melbourne

$57.00 AUD

Sunday May 29, 2022
9:30am – 12:30pm
Deakin University
221 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC
Theatre TBA

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We recommend entering the campus from Burwood Highway (Entrance 1) and parking in the multilevel car park, at the back of the campus.

Alternatively, if you wish to take public transport, there are bus and tram stops located out the front of the campus.

Further details regarding parking, transportation and accessibility are available here. 

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