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#348: You and Your Time

This started off being a very practical conversation with Tiff about all-things.. time. The way we use it, waste it, allocate it, experience it and even, bend it. Along the way, we discussed busy-ness vs. efficiency, time as a subjective experience, time as an important resource and the fact that, while time is infinite, our allocation is not.About half way through the chat, we took an unplanned left turn (as is often the way when I’m involved) down a conversational rabbit hole of psychology, philosophy and spirituality. It seemed to make sense at the time! I enjoyed it, hope you do too.

#347: Deadly Paths

Peter Seymour joined the New South Wales Police Force in 1980 as an eighteen-year-old and spent twenty-four years in Police; four years in uniform, twelve as a detective and eight years as a Police Prosecutor. He’s seen, done and experienced things that he can never un-see, un-do, un-experience and perhaps most importantly, can never forget. Pathological liars, psychopaths, murderers, gruesome crime scenes, violence, retrieving bodies, heart-breaking conversations with families and the constant challenge of trying to be mentally and emotionally ‘in control’, in the middle of the most confronting, disturbing and traumatic situations. And then, the challenge of going home and be a ‘regular’ dad and husband. This chat was fascinating. *Deadly Paths is the name of Peter’s second book. The first is called, Seven Bones: Two Wives, Two Violent Murders, a Fight for Justice.

#346: New Year Revolution (Anna Feringa)

Well, we made it. This episode of TYP is our final Instalment of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series and this time I sit down with workplace mental health expert, Anna Feringa. As always, she’s interesting, clever and a bit funny. Enjoy.

#345: New Year Revolution (Danielle Grant)

This episode of The You Project is instalment nine of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series (we’re on the home straight) and this time, Exercise Physiologist, Gym Owner (Reach Your Peak PT) and Mum of two, Danielle Grant and I talk about managing our mind, body and energy in 2021. Enjoy.

#344: New Year Revolution (Geoff Jowett)

This is instalment eight of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series and this needs bloke zero introduction. As always, Geoff is funny, inspiring and direct AF. Enjoy.

#343: New Year Revolution (Steph Prem)

This episode of The You Project is instalment seven of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series and this time, Winter Olympian, Pilates Queen, Studio PP Owner, TV Sports Commentator and Health Coach Steph Prem is back downloading some ‘info and inspo’ (see what I did there), as we open the door on another year. Enjoy.

#342: New Year Revolution (Jason Cunningham)

This episode of The You Project is instalment six of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series and our resident business-money bloke Jason Cunningham is back, talking not only numbers, bottom lines and bank balances, but we also manage to open the door on a little psychology, philosophy and human behaviour. Enjoy.


#341: New Year Revolution (Dr. Ingrid Nielsen)

This episode of The You Project is instalment five of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. This time I sit down with our favourite Psychiatrist, Dr. Ingrid Nielsen and as always, she delivers. Enjoy.

#340: New Year Revolution (Carly Taylor)

This episode of The You Project is instalment four of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. This time I sit down with Carly Taylor and as always, we explore the peaks and troughs of the human experience and (obviously) talk about what we might do, be, create and change in 2021. Enjoy.


#339: New Year Revolution (Tony Doherty)

This episode of The You Project is instalment three of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. This time I sit down with down with Fitness Industry Pioneer Tony Doherty and we reflect on the year gone and discuss the year ahead. Enjoy.


#338: New Year Revolution (Part 2)

This is the second instalment in my 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. This episode is the completion of my ‘21 life-shaping questions worth considering for 2021’. As with the previous ep, you might need something to take notes on (if you’re keen to turn the theory into action). Enjoy.

#337: New Year Revolution (Part 1)

This episode is the first instalment in my 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. In it, I explore twenty-one life-shaping questions worth considering for 2021. You might need something to take notes on with this one (if you’re keen to turn the theory into action). Enjoy.

#336: Blown up by a Bomb

Sergeant Michael Lyddiard was 12 years into a planned 20-year career with the Australian Army when his world was shattered by two kilograms of insurgent explosives in Afghanistan. The bomb disposal expert was uncovering an improvised explosive device when it detonated, blowing off his lower right arm and half of his left hand, taking out his right eye, permanently damaging the vision in his left eye, inflicting severe lacerations to the rest of his head and leaving him with permanent facial scarring. This is a confronting, raw and real conversation with a man who is still on the journey of recovery, discovery and healing. It’s not always uplifting, feel-good or comfortable but then, neither is life. He’s an amazing man who has seen and been through some horrible shit. This chat gave me a new level of respect, awareness and understanding of what the brave souls who protect our country do. Enjoy.

#335: The Healing Power of a Mum’s Love

I like to think I’m kind-of tough but really, I’m not. And this becomes apparent when I talk with someone like Josh Komen who, while in training for the Commonwealth Games (as a runner), was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Apart from the horrendous side effects of the radiation and chemotherapy, the never-ending brutal pain, the stem cell transplants, the bone marrow transplant, the twenty-plus heart attacks (that’s not a typo) and the almost life-ending infections, there was also the ‘two-weeks-to-live’ prognosis given by doctors. In this inspiring and emotional chat, Josh talks identity, purpose, suicide, depression, healing, hope and possibly the most therapeutic treatment of all time; a mum’s love. Get the tissues ready.

#334: Gambling, Addiction, Murder, Fame and Healing

💬 ”When I was eight, I was staying in a one-bedroom apartment with my dad and he was shot dead, sleeping next to me.”
💬 ”I lost six and a half million gambling.”
💬 ”I had twenty-three knee operations.”
💬 ”To get off cigarettes (having started smoking in his thirties), I tried cigars and quickly wound up smoking forty a day.”
💬 ”I was a dickhead.”
I have no idea how, but David Schwarz is one of the most positive and optimistic people I know. And I know a few. To say he has had an interesting life is like saying that Michael Jordan wasn’t bad at basketball. His journey has been one of pain and pleasure, suffering and survival, truth and lies, addiction and recovery, fame and f*cks ups and ultimately, one of love, hope and laughter. Enjoy.

#333: Food: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

Miranda Leeden is a Food Scientist and Clinical Nutritionist and just like me (and many of you), she’s had her own challenges with body image, emotional eating, self-esteem, obsessive training and the propensity to over-think the crap out of everything to do with our body. And despite our collective issues, here we are having a chat about how to create an operating system (around food) that works on a mental, emotional, physical, practical and sociological level. Enjoy.


#332: The World is Your Classroom

It sounds cheesy but it’s true; the world really is our classroom, every moment is an opportunity to learn and every person is a potential teacher when we step into each day with awareness, curiosity and humility. In this episode of TYP, Ian O’Dwyer (OD) and I talk about the value of life lessons, biofeedback, atypical education, experiential learning, instinct and the therapeutic benefits of laughing at silly shit.


#331: Person, Persona, Performer

Andrew May is a younger, prettier version of me. Like me, he has spent much of his working life in the high-performance space with elite sporting teams, Olympians, businesses, creative performers and the general public. In this episode of TYP, we talk about being fully present (as opposed to ‘kind-of’ present), the separation of person and persona, authenticity, ‘failing’ at marriage, being an awesome listener, pseudo conversations and identifying our own life philosophy. Enjoy.


#330: Epiphanies, Life Lessons and Labouring

Russell Robertson played 228 games for the Melbourne Football Club, is one of four players in the club’s history to have led the goalkicking in four or more seasons and was known for his spectacular marking. Robbo is a dad, musician, deep-thinker and hard worker who, thanks to the pandemic, in 2020 has found himself swapping the guitar and microphone for a shovel, hammer and wheelbarrow, working in construction. Robbo has a great attitude, is infectiously positive and I loved our chat. Enjoy.

#329: Rushing to Nowhere in Particular

“How have you been?” … “Busy” … “Me too”… “Crazy huh?” … “Yep, flat out” … “Soooo busy”. Ever been in the middle of one of those exchanges? We might just be the ‘busiest’, least happy, least fulfilled, most anxious generation ever. This time on TYP, our favourite deep-thinking, high-performing, calm-in-the-chaos loveable larrikin (Geoff Jowett) is back and we talk about the badge of honour that is ‘busy-ness’, along with the much-healthier proposition of effectiveness, interwoven with some regular stillness and a smattering of self-awareness. Enjoy.


#328: Science, Self and Spirituality

I can’t tell you how much I loved this conversation with Ashok Gupta. ‘Guru’ is a Sanskrit term for a teacher, guide, expert or master and while Ashok wouldn’t call himself a Guru, in my experience with him (and based on those criteria), he ticks a lot of Guru boxes. Sometimes I can’t believe how fortunate I am to chat with the people I do. It’s a privilege. I feel like a broken record saying this (again) but this was an amazing conversation, with an amazing human. Enjoy.


#327: Abuse, Vulnerability, Courage and Healing

The other day I was on young Tiff’s Podcast (Roll with the Punches) and we somehow took a conversational left turn and went down a rabbit hole that neither of us planned or intended to. What eventuated was a deeply personal, raw and brave (on Tiff’s part) conversation that will resonate with many.

#326: Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes is an Aussie icon, best known for his work on the telly, radio and comedic stage. And while I love Hughesy the performer, the bloke I got to chat with in this episode is a fascinating, deep-thinking, philosophical, meditating (twice a day), self aware human who is finding his calm in the chaos. And yes, he’s still silly and funny but we already knew that. Enjoy.

#325: Lessons from Prison

TYP fave Mick Hall is back unpacking more of his fascinating journey. In this episode, we talk about ‘time’ as a subjective experience (on the Mick scale, 6 months in prison ‘feels like’ 18 months on the outside), maintaining a level of empathy and humanity in prison (while not presenting as weak or vulnerable), dealing with constant pressure and threat, solving problems in complex situations, the mental health benefits of acceptance and letting go and the challenge of being a good person in toxic environment. We also talk about the prevalence of addiction switching; moving from one addiction to another. Enjoy.


#324: Tracy Bartram: Fame, Addiction, Recovery, Hope

Like many people, Tracy Bartram spent a significant part of her high-profile life denying, deflecting, avoiding, role paying and ‘pretending’ her life was great. But it wasn’t. Behind the ‘Tracy Show’; the funny, charismatic, high-energy performer (stand-up comedy, television, radio), was a vulnerable human in all kinds of pain and dysfunction. The first half of this chat is great (typical, back and forth banter) but the second half literally brought me to tears. Like me (and I suspect, you), Tracy is a work in progress and I believe that conversations like this one are crucial, powerful and for some of us, therapeutic and transformational. Enjoy.

#323: Post Traumatic Stress Injury

Michael Sugrue began his law enforcement career in the U.S. Air Force as a Security Forces Officer in 1998. He specialised in Law Enforcement, Global Force Protection, Anti-Terrorism, Nuclear Security, Foreign Air Field Assessments and Air Base Ground Defense. Michael served in a variety of assignments including: Flight Leader, Flight Commander, Senior Watch Officer, Chief of Command Post and Chief of Security Forces. Michael served all over the United States, Europe, the Middle East and South America.

After the Air Force, Michael became a Police Officer, serving as a Patrol Officer, Driver Training Instructor, Field Training Officer, SIU Detective, Undercover CA DOJ Narcotic Task Force Agent, Public Information Officer and Patrol Sergeant. Michael was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal in 2014 for his heroic and life-saving actions during a Fatal Officer Involved Shooting in 2012. Michael ultimately medically retired in 2018.

He is now a Peer Volunteer at the West Coast Post Trauma Retreat and an Ambassador for Save A Warrior. Michael is a dedicated advocate for awareness, prevention, education, training on Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) and First Responder Suicide Prevention. He speaks at law enforcement agencies all over the U.S. This is a fascinating chat. Enjoy.

#322: How to Create an Effective Plan

Off the back of my last podcast (Stop Wishing and Start Planning), a few people asked if I could expand on the concept and share something of a ‘how to’, when it comes to the process of creating a plan. So I did. Feel free to just listen (of course) but this episode lends itself to a little note-taking because I unpack a 15-step process. I do get a little pumped and sweary (shocking, I know), so if swearing bothers you, this one is not for you. At the very least, don’t listen with your kids. Unless they’re thirty.

#321: Wish Less. Plan More.

Many people think they have a plan but they don’t. They have a story, an intention and some ideas about how they want things to ‘turn out’. What they don’t have, is a strategically designed plan (process, structure, accountability, KPIs, resources, timeline), which gets activated into behaviour, outcomes and transformation. And then, when they wind up in a ‘place’ (literally or metaphorically) that’s not where they want to be (and they will), they say things like “well, this wasn’t my plan”, when in reality, they had no practical, action-focused plan. What they did have, was a no-effort wish-list. A Dream. An aspiration. Like so many, great at talking the talk but so shit at doing the work to change their life.

#320: How I Eat And Train

I’m always being asked about how I train, eat and more broadly, stay in shape. I don’t think it’s a particularly fascinating conversation (neither will many of you) but for those of you who are interested, here it is. Enjoy.

#319: Senator Jacqui Lambie

I consciously don’t have too many expectations or plans going into podcasts but this free-range chat with Jacqui Lambie (Lambo, to me) was real, raw, funny, sweary (no shit) and enlightening. I loved it. Like me, she’s flawed. Has good days and bad. Has had breakdowns and breakthroughs but what stood out is her passion for helping, serving and protecting the people that don’t have an advocate or voice where and when it needs to be heard. She won’t admit it but, under that tough exterior is someone who cares deeply. She doesn’t always get it right (does anyone?) but her personal journey battling physical and mental health issues, chronic pain (still), her drive to be a champion of change and her willingness to take the piss (out of herself and me!), made for a fascinating TYP experience. Enjoy.

#318: Paul Taylor

I was recently on Paul Taylor’s podcast (The Mind Body Brain Project) and we had a great chat about all-things human performance, resilience, happiness, self-awareness, mindset and life (as we do). Thought you might enjoy it. 

#317: Mark Seymour (Hunters & Collectors)

Mark Seymour is an amazing singer, songwriter, musician, story-teller, Aria winner and Aussie music legend. He’s also a charming, smart, thoughtful, fascinating conversationalist and all-round grouse human. Other than that, he’s a complete dud. This was a great chat and I feel privileged to do what I do. Enjoy 🙂

#316 The Woman Who Wants to be an AFL Coach

Lisa Alexander is one of the winningest Coaches in Australian sport at an elite level, having coached the Australian Netball Team (The Diamonds) more times than any coach in history, departing her role earlier this year with a winning percentage of 81%. Before that, she coached the Melbourne Phoenix in the National Netball League for two years, winning two titles. She also has extensive experience in coaching, mentoring and high-performance outside of sport and if that’s not enough, she has degrees in Human Movement and Teaching. Yep, she goes okay. So what happens when a person with all that success, skill, competence and experience in elite-sport, coaching, high-performance, leadership, communication and (let’s be honest) winning, wants to explore the world of AFL Coaching? Take a listen.


#315: Easy to Say, Hard to Do

Think better. Choose better. Do better. Create better. It’s not a complicated strategy but neither is it an easy one. And therein lies the challenge. This brief episode is an extract from a group session I did last week, when I climbed onto my cyber soap box for a twenty-minute download on everything from metacognition and self-awareness to self-control and resilience. The audio is not the usual quality but still listenable. Enjoy.

#314: Making a Few Bucks and Staying Sane

I was recently on Jason Cunningham’s podcast (Save My Business) and not surprisingly, we spoke about the trials and tribulations of building and running a business (of any size), making a few quid (as my dad would say) and having some fun along the way. We also discussed the ever-present challenge of managing our sanity, energy and focus in the middle of, what can be, the unpredictable, uncertain and uncomfortable nature of business. He’s a good lad and this was fun. Enjoy.

#313: Live, Laugh, Love, Learn

Journalist, broadcaster, business owner, entrepreneur, deep thinker, Tai Chi teacher, ex-city slicker, long-time mate of mine and now proud resident of Ballan in rural Victoria (pop. 3,000ish), Patrick Bonello is, and has been, a wearer of many hats. He’s also a great story-teller, deep thinker and is annoyingly creative. I loved catching up with him, we covered lots of ground and there’s at least one story that could make you cry. Enjoy.


#312: Strength Training And Brain Health

Dean Mawby is back and among many fascinating things, we talk about the latest research (and the practical application of that research) focusing on the potential of strength training as not, only an anti-aging tool, but also an inhibitor of cognitive decline and brain degeneration; think Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and even normal age-related cognitive decline. He is driven, passionate and clever and this was an enlightening chat. Enjoy.


#311: Fitness, Health, Recovery, Performance and Function

While gym owners in Melbourne (and beyond) dust off their kettlebells, oil their bikes, deep clean their facilities and plug in their treadmills, some of us are just starting to get back on the old exercise horse (and of course, some never got off). So, as we stumble (sprint, lift, ride, box jump, moonwalk) our way out of Covid and into warmer, longer, less pandemic-y days, I thought I’d momentarily put the old PT hat back on and get young Tiff to ask me a few listener questions and we’d have some fun. And we did. Enjoy.

#310: The Limitation of Personal Development

I’m always amused when people try something (program, intervention, process) for five minutes and then say to me “oh, I tried that but it didn’t work”. Kind of like skipping one meal in six months and saying “I tried intermittent fasting but nothing happened”. Or the person who reads countless self-improvement books, applies nothing (consistently) and then arrives at the conclusion that personal development doesn’t work. This is a conversation about the PROCESS of personal development, rather than the PRODUCT.

#309: Lies, Morality and Ethical Conundrums

Two TYP favourites are here for one special episode and we’re excited. This is the first time we’ve had Paul Taylor and Bobby Cappuccio in the same cyber-room at the same time and not surprisingly, with two geniuses (and one non-genius), it was never going to be dull or boring. And it wasn’t. Enjoy. *Apologies in advance, Bobby’s Internet connection (from LA) was not awesome, so we had a few momentary drop-outs.


#308: Paralympian Michelle Errichiello

Michelle Errichiello was twenty-four years old, minding her own business and putting out some bins when a car careered off the road, pinned her against a wall and she experienced what is known as a ‘traumatic amputation’. That is, her right leg was immediately severed above the knee. If not for the quick thinking and amazing skills of an off-duty firefighter, Michelle (with her femoral artery severed) would have died in minutes. That moment in time was the beginning of an amazing journey for a resourceful, resilient, courageous and slightly-scary woman. I loved this chat and so will you. Enjoy.

#307: Razor Ray: The Best Worst Job

Imagine going to work and being verbally abused and insulted by thousands of people while you do your job. And I don’t mean cyber abuse, I mean actual humans screaming at you while you work. For a bloke who’s been verbally smashed for decades, legendary AFL umpire Ray Chamberlain is an amazingly well-adjusted, positive, funny and thoughtful human, who shares some great stories and insights in this episode of TYP. Enjoy.

#306: Mind and Body: Healing and Hope

To say this episode was a pleasant surprise, would be a massive understatement. It is now one of my favourite TYP experiences. I loved the conversation, loved our guest and really enjoyed spending time with him. Going in, I had no real expectations as I didn’t know much (at all) about Ashok Gupta, other than he is a renowned film maker, speaker and chronic illness and neuroplasticity expert (which anyone can find on the internet). All nice things but what came through in this conversation was such wisdom, compassion and insight, that I finished the podcast feeling energised, inspired and privileged. And a little bit sad it was over. Enjoy.


#305: Hackers, Suckers & Cyber Crime

Bastien Treptel was just 14 years old when he started hacking into accounts and stealing money, but since turning his life around (after the Feds came knocking on his door), the former professional scammer is using is knowledge and skills for good, not evil. Helping everyday Aussies avoid becoming another cybercrime statistic. This was an enlightening and mildly terrifying conversation. Enjoy.

#304: Darren Hodge

Darren Hodge is a MICA Flight Paramedic, Author and Educator who has spent more than a quarter of a century serving the community, navigating complicated medical emergencies, solving problems, performing under pressure and of course, saving lives in a range of precarious situations and environments (often while risking his own).
He won’t call himself a hero but I will.

#303: Religion, Spirituality, Faith and Belief

This solo episode is the result of numerous requests for me to share my thoughts and experiences in and around religion and spirituality. To be honest, I don’t think it’s particularly exciting or riveting (great promo Harps) but I know a percentage of you will relate to it. If that’s not you, love ya guts and see you next episode. It is not a teaching, coaching or mentoring session but rather, a sharing and thinking-out-loud session. It’s not my intention to steer or influence anyone in any direction but it’s fair to say that (for better or worse), I do have significant personal experience in the religious/spiritual space. Enjoy (or see you next time).

#302: Making Sh*t up as We Go

I was recently on The Daily Talk Show with Tommy and Josh and as I’m essentially lazy, I thought I’d use their show description.
“Craig Harper is back and today we discuss:
  • Coaching and mentoring online
  • Switching off
  • The fitness industry during COVID-19
  • Standing out in the fitness industry
  • Customer life cycles in training and coaching
  • Self-awareness and awareness of thought
  • Culture and leadership
  • Influence
  • Empathising with truths and stories
  • Observing thought
  • Cognitive overload
  • Trial and error
  • Old school culture”
Thanks Boys. Enjoy everyone.

#301: Bad Bosses and Toxic Workplaces

Michelle Gibbings is bringing back the happy to workplace culture. The author of three books and a global keynote speaker, she’s on a mission to help leaders, teams and organisations create successful workplaces where people thrive and progress is accelerated. Among other things, on this episode of TYP we chat about toxic workplaces, bad bosses, crappy leadership, non-existent communication and what we can do about it all. Enjoy.

*Michelle’s new book is called.. Bad Boss: What to do if you work for one, manage one or are one.

#300: Performing Under Pressure

299 episodes later, our first ever TYP guest is back for our 300th show. 323 games, 4 x All-Australian, 3 x Best & Fairest, St. Kilda Team of the Century and current Western Bulldogs (AFLW) Coach, Nathan Burke is back and this time we explore all things high-performance, adaptation, creating a new normal, dealing with uncertainty and performing under pressure. Enjoy.

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