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#253: The Science of Exercise (Part 2)

Exercise Physiologist and Elite Conditioning Coach Russ Jarrett (M.Ex.Sci.), joined me for a slightly-sciencey chat about all things fitness and exercise. Along the way, we discussed progressive overload, program design, finding the right ‘dose’, how and when adaptation happens, training intensity, recovery, over-training, kids training, periodisation, weight training for strength vs. power vs. hypertrophy vs. muscular endurance and lots more.


#252: The Science of Exercise (Part 1)

Exercise Physiologist and Elite Conditioning Coach Russ Jarrett (M.Ex.Sci.), joined me for a slightly-sciencey chat about all things fitness and exercise. Along the way, we discussed progressive overload, program design, finding the right ‘dose’, how and when adaptation happens, training intensity, recovery, over-training, kids training, periodisation, weight training for strength vs. power vs. hypertrophy vs. muscular endurance and lots more.


#251: F*ck Plan B

Tony Doherty is a Business Man, Entrepreneur, Fitness Industry Pioneer, Gym Owner, Business Partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger and among other things, the Godfather of Australian Bodybuilder. He’s also interesting, creative, funny and a curious mix of brutality and compassion. Tony and I go way back, we’re good mates and this was a fun chat. If you’re easily offended, it may not be for you.


#250: Anxious Kids (and Grown-ups)

Not only is Dr. Jodi Richardson an expert in the field of understanding, explaining and treating anxiety, she’s also been dealing with it personally her entire life. So when she writes (two books on the topic), talks and teaches, she’s speaking from, not only an academic, research and clinical perspective, but also from a place of lived experience. This is a great chat and I learned a lot.


#249: Metacognition: Thinking about Thinking

Your mind is ‘You HQ’; it’s your cognitive, social, personal, professional, academic, creative and practical headquarters. It’s the place where stories are told, decisions are made, habits are formed, data is processed, lessons are learned, meaning is given, beliefs evolve, fears are embedded, understanding grows, confusion prospers, problems are solved (and created), calm and chaos are neighbours, life is shaped and personality reality is created. This Episode is a conversation I had recently with Tiffanee Cook on her podcast, Roll with the Punches. It is essentially a conversation and about the why, how and ‘what-the-f**k’ of thinking.

#248: Acceptance-Commitment Therapy

Carly Taylor is an Educator, Nutritionist and Coach who uses a combination of Acceptance-Commitment Therapy, Stoic Philosophy, Japanese Psychology and Neuroscience to help people do stuff, change stuff, learn stuff and unlearn stuff (it has a lot to do with stuff) and to improve the quality of their lives (mindset, energy, choices, performance, outcomes) along the way. Oh, she’s also married to that shy little wallflower, Paul Taylor.

#247: Changing The Way We Age

New TYP favourite, Dr Ingrid Nielsen (Psychiatrist) is back and this time we dive into exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and all things health for our ‘more experienced’ folk. Among other things, Ingrid tells us how she increased her bone density by 36% (unheard of), is able to build muscle (function, performance, strength, power) in her seventies, completed a competitive 10k run five months after a knee replacement (at 72!) and has the V02 Max of a typical 37 year-old. She also shares her considered medical and personal thoughts around self-management (mental, emotional, physical, behavioural) as we age. As my mum would say, this episode ‘is a goodie’.

#246: What My Body Taught Me

My body and I go way back. We’ve spent years together. Sometimes connecting, sometimes not. We’ve often been at odds about the best course of action with things like food, sleep, exercise, stress and lifestyle because not surprisingly, my body has always been concerned with health, healing, recovery, energy and performance, whereas for much of my life I operated in the tastebud nirvana, instant gratification, comfort and convenience space. It took a while (only a few decades) but I finally came around and began to pay attention.

#245: Secret Women’s Business

I’ll be honest, the ‘business’ wasn’t really so secretive but it was definitely an interesting conversation focused on understanding and navigating the female experience (pre-pubescent through to post-menopausal) from a metabolic, hormonal, nutritional, recovery, energy management, exercise, sporting, performance and general health perspective. If you’re a dude, this is probably not (so much) for you, but feel free to listen and learn something. I did. Unna Goldsworthy is an Exercise Physiologist, University Lecturer and Clinician who works primarily with women.


#244: How I Manage Me

My biggest challenge has always been managing me. Specifically, managing my mind, body, emotions, energy, choices, actions, reactions, resources, finances, relationships and time. If I can’t manage me (effectively), I can’t manage my life. Over the years, I’ve developed a self-management system based on a series of questions, relating to the micro, meso and macro of my life. This episode is about that. Enjoy.

#243: The Economic Pandemic

Covid 19 is wreaking havoc on a range of fronts; physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and of course, financially. On this episode of TYP, money man Jason Cunningham is back talking with Craig about managing our budget, career, business and sanity in the middle of these economically uncertain times. Enjoy.

#242: How to Stop Giving Up (part 2)

Some of us have spent our lives ‘almost’ doing things. And sometimes we’ve actually done it. And then we’ve undone it. Starting. Stopping. Losing. Regaining. Focused. In the zone. Out of control. Inspired. Can’t be bothered. Productive. Destructive. And not because we’re bad, weak or flawed but rather, because we’re human. This episode of TYP is a coaching session (of sorts) focusing on the cognitive, emotional, practical and behavioural components of creating lasting positive change. It turned out being longer-than-expected, so we have a part 1 and part 2 to the conversation. Enjoy.

#241: How to Stop Giving Up (part 1)

Some of us have spent our lives ‘almost’ doing things. And sometimes we’ve actually done it. And then we’ve undone it. Starting. Stopping. Losing. Regaining. Focused. In the zone. Out of control. Inspired. Can’t be bothered. Productive. Destructive. And not because we’re bad, weak or flawed but rather, because we’re human. This episode of TYP is a coaching session (of sorts) focusing on the cognitive, emotional, practical and behavioural components of creating lasting positive change. It turned out being longer-than-expected, so we have a part 1 and part 2 to the conversation. Enjoy.

#240: The Introvert with the Extrovert Job

I worked with Justin Peckett back in the day when he was a St. Kilda Footballer (252 games) and I was Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Saints. His high tensile hamstrings, lower back and hips were my nemesis. In those days he was a laid back (almost in a coma), introverted professional athlete who loved a drink, loved his team mates, only spoke when necessary and tended not to waste energy. On anything. Ironically, the introvert now spends his work days in front of audiences (teams, companies, organisations) talking about organisational change, leadership, teamwork and human performance. We had a fun chat. Enjoy.

#239: Is Work-Life Balance BS?

Paul Taylor is back and this time he and Craig explore the relationship we have with our job (career, business) and the potential impact (good or bad, positive or negative, productive or destructive) ‘work’ can have on us from a mental, emotional, physical and social perspective. Among other things, they discuss what ‘work-life balance’ (that old chestnut) actually means and whether or not it’s a good metric for creating a healthy approach to our professional life. Oh, and Paul also talks about how a specific skill he acquired in the military (blowing up submarines) hasn’t really been transferable to the corporate world. Surprising, I know.

#238: The Psychology of Eating

I started thinking about this topic when I was the thirteen year-old human Labrador, eating everything he wanted and almost nothing he needed. Usually, when nobody was paying attention. Which might explain why I was called Jumbo, not Craig. Cheesecake anyone? The fascination continued as a young (and somewhat leaner) gym instructor, talking daily with club members about their ‘what, why and how’ of eating. Decades later, it’s a conversation I’ve had literally thousands of times with thousands of people and in my opinion, it’s a crucial piece of the health puzzle that doesn’t get enough air time. If you and food have an ‘interesting’ relationship, this episode is definitely for you.

#237: Culture, Leadership & Inspiration

A while back Craig chatted with Nicole Goodman from the Business Essentials Daily podcast and they had an interesting (and brief) chat around what it takes to create a business environment and culture where people feel valued, important and excited to go to work!

#236: Outside the Echo Chamber

This is the fifth time Bobby has been on TYP and while he’s always great, this was (for me) the best conversation we’ve had. He is truly one of the smartest people I know (and I know a few) and his ability to bring together neuroscience, human behaviour, personal experience, story-telling and humour is quite remarkable. I’ve known him for decades and in this conversation, he shared things about himself (big things) I’d never heard. Among other things, we talk about confirmation bias, challenging beliefs, blind faith, dealing with rejection, self-worth, identity, being wrong, the online battlefield and stories from Bobby’s violent, abusive, dysfunctional childhood. So, not much at all. Enjoy.

#235: Addicted to Almost Anything

Addiction doesn’t only happen around drugs, gambling, booze and sex. It also happens with food. And work. And shopping. And plastic surgery. Being in control. Attention seeking. Fame. Danger. Exercise. Stealing. Gaming. Comfort. The truth is that most of us are (have been, will be) addicted to something at some stage. It might not be one of the more familiar addictions but it’s there, it’s real and it causes us to hide decisions and behaviours because deep down, we know we’re being irrational, unhealthy and/or self-destructive. In this episode of TYP, Craig and his brother from another mother (Geoff Jowett) talk about their issues and more broadly, the capacity we all have to fall into the addiction trap.

#234: How to Build Muscle

My fascination with muscle (size, appearance, strength, power, speed, function, sporting performance, muscular endurance, health, self-esteem, confidence) started forty years ago, as an insecure and curious teenager. Apart from human behaviour, it’s maybe the thing I’ve studied most. Academically, incidentally and experientially. It’s impossible to do this topic justice in ten podcasts, let-alone one, but let’s call this a beginning. 

#233: Craig Presenting Live

This episode is the audio from a closing keynote Craig delivered a few years ago at the Australian Health and Wellness Summit in Melbourne. In it, he talks about bringing all the lessons, ideas and concepts shared by the other speakers (throughout the day) together and turning the theory into real-world decisions, actions and outcomes. He’s somewhat inappropriate, somewhat fun and somewhat motivating. So, normal. Enjoy.

#232: Dr Ingrid Nielsen

Ingrid Nielsen was a socially awkward kid born in South Africa in 1947. She became a nun at 16 (for five years). A medical student at 21. A Doctor at 27. Married at 30. A mother at 30. Was a forensic pathologist at 30. She completed more than 7,000 post mortems in 7 years (in Johannesburg). Was married to a cheating husband for five years. Divorced at 36. Became a single mum of three young kids (1, 2 and 4) at 35. Qualified as a Psychiatrist at 39 (after years of further study).  Emigrated to Australia at 44. Was a work-aholic until 65. Was depressed for an entire year (at 55). Started working out (and having fun) at 65. Ran her first marathon at 68. Retired for two weeks at 69 and is currently working full-time as a Psychiatrist in a large hospital in Adelaide (at 72). Ingrid is an inspiration.

#231: Rules, Rituals, Tribes and Cults

Simon Hammond is an Australian author, entrepreneur, journalist, business advisor and international keynote speaker. Like Craig, he is fascinated with thinking, rules, rituals, human behaviour and cults. Yes, cults. He’s also interested in why we keep doing what doesn’t work, why we’re slow learners and why we don’t like the brutal truth (so much so, he’s written a book about it). He also believes that many of us are unintentionally training ourselves to be less resilient, less adaptable and more likely to capitulate under pressure. This is a fun and fascinating chat (one that involves the boys planning their own cult).

#230: The Twenty-Year Over Night Success

Peaks. Troughs. Wins. Losses. Breakthroughs. Breakdowns. Life. These days Matt Collins is a journalist, radio host and podcaster but to say that it’s been a challenging journey to get where he is, would be a massive understatement. This a great chat with a regular bloke who has persevered when most would have given up.

#229: Perseverance

So many people are great at starting things. Projects. Programs. Diets. Courses. Transformations. In fact, some people have been starting things for years. Decades even. But finishing those things? Or persevering? Nah, not so much. Some people have been ‘almost’ changing their life for decades. In this episode of TYP, Craig talks about one of the least-sexy components of the personal development journey and why it matters so much.

#228: Learning by Doing

I love talking with people who have turned their theoretical something into an actual something. Their idea into action. Passion into purpose. Intention into outcome. Potential into excellence. People who have dreamed, planned, executed and created in the middle of their insecurity, self-doubt, inexperience and fear. People who have built resilience, competence, confidence and effectiveness through doing what most avoid. For almost forty years, I’ve been watching people from all walks of life, all professions, all academic backgrounds, all personalities and all levels of ability, outwork and out-perform the majority. In this episode of TYP, I chat with Tommy and Josh from ‘The Daily Talk Show’ about what it truly takes to succeed.

#227: The Science of Selling (Why We Buy Stuff)

There’s that (kind of) famous saying that says ‘stop buying things you don’t need, with money you don’t have to impress people who don’t care about you’. Or something like that. My version is a little sweary-er. Adam Ballesty is a clever marketing bloke who has been running campaigns, building brands, developing strategies, leading teams and selling stuff to the masses for years. Sports stuff, fitness stuff, training stuff and booze. Lots of booze. I’ve always been fascinated with marketing because the ‘what, how, when and why’ of selling shit is essentially a study in behavioural psychology. 

#226: Goal Setting (a free workshop)

In this episode of TYP, Craig puts on his coaching hat and shares a 12-step goal setting process that he’s been using with clients (and personally) for years. This is practical teaching session with an abundance of ideas, questions and strategies, so you may want to take notes. Enjoy.

#225: Fasting, Longevity and Self-Experimentation

Rebel Dietician Vicky Kuriel is back and this time we go deep on the potential benefits of fasting (in all its forms), instinctive eating, social eating, emotional eating, self-experimentation, biological variability, insulin resistance, type two diabetes (and how to avoid it), living (much) longer through diet and why she has better genetics than her husband. 

#224: Beyond the Shame

OMG, this was such a powerful and interesting conversation with a powerful and interesting woman who has found a way to not only survive, but thrive, despite a history of abuse, depression, anxiety, secrecy, self-loathing, guilt and shame. And while it sounds like a heavy chat (and there were moments), it’s ultimately a conversation full of hope, lessons, empowerment, wisdom and love. This is Mares Van Lambaart’s second visit to The You Project and we love her.

#223: Melissa Interviews Craig

It’s about time Melissa got to sit in the big chair and ask some questions, push some buttons, do some probing and steer the TYP ship for an hour or so. Among other things, she quizzes Craig on how he plans (if he plans) for each episode, how he trains himself these days, his social media strategy, his messages that are the most difficult to share, when he (personally) grew the most and why so many people don’t achieve their goals. Enjoy.

#222: Disordered Eating to Eating Disorders

Food.. such a small word, such a huge conversation. We humans are interesting creatures when it comes to our rules, rituals, stories and madness around eating. The ‘when, why, how and what-the-fuck’ of food is an exploration into psychology, emotion, sociology, physiology, pseudoscience, real science, culture and marketing. In this episode, Psychologist Jacqui Louder and the man with all the food issues attempt to make sense of it all. Well, some of it.

#221: The Most Inspiring Woman I Know

Jane O’Brien is a special human and I don’t say that lightly. We have been friends and colleagues for years and she is the most inspirational woman I know. And I know many. She inspires me to be a better person. FYI, Jane’s voice has been affected significantly by her illness, so I (highly) recommend that you listen to this episode with headphones on a perhaps the volume up. She is definitely worth the inconvenience. Enjoy.

#220: Use it or Lose It

Exercise Physiologist, High Performance Coach and Fitness Educator Russ Jarrett is back and this time, he and Craig talk about the benefits of decluttering, the value of life-long learning, the age at which it becomes more difficult to ‘get in shape’, cognitive decline (as we age) and how to combat it, hourly rates, perceived value for money, re-opening Russ’s gym post shutdown and how they might (both) change their respective business models, moving forward.

#219: From Inmate to CEO

TYP favourite Mick Hall is back and this time, he and Craig chat about his fascinating journey out of addiction, dysfunction, mayhem and crime into his current life as a parent, employer, business man and owner of a private hospital. This is a chat about building something from nothing. It’s about owning up and stepping up. It’s about the importance of being adaptable. It’s about learning by doing. And finally, it’s about hope, positivity and possibility.

#218: Managing the Madness

At the time of recording this episode (June 2, 2020), Bobby Cappuccio and his wife Aimi were bunkered down in their Los Angeles home in the middle of protests, riots, a 4pm curfew, a military presence (the National Guard), tens of thousands of police on the streets and, to say the least, a highly volatile, unpredictable and unfolding situation. This was an interesting, and at times confronting, conversation chatting with the dude from Brooklyn and his Nigerian wife about all things race, violence, survival, mindset, hope, love and Archie Bunker. 

#217: Herding Cats

Ex Richmond (Melbourne, Fremantle) football club(s) CEO Cameron Schwab is back and this time, he and Craig talk about what it takes to succeed and what we can learn from those who find a way to perform at the highest level (it’s about much more than talent and genetics). They also discuss the lessons and lightbulbs in the new(ish) Netflix Documentary Series ‘The Last Dance’, the value and power of being adaptable, herding cats, the complexity of managing and leading elite athletes, whether or not we can be simultaneously satisfied and ambitious and Cam gives us a health update following his recent surgery for prostate cancer. We love Cam. Enjoy.

#216: Unlearning

Did you know that a great deal (maybe most) of human learning happens unconsciously and incidentally? Without any actual plan or intention to learn? And while we might think of learning as something that is typically a structured, conscious and/or academic process, in many cases, it is not. It’s often something that happens despite us, not because of us. Quite often, without our knowledge or awareness. And while we might think of learning as a positive thing, that is not always the case. In fact, some of our learning (and subsequent beliefs and thinking) is the very thing that stands between us and growth, us and success, us and happiness. Sometimes, we need to learn to unlearn.

#215: Surviving the Sh*t Show

There’s a reason we get so much amazing feedback about Paul Taylor; he’s always interesting, funny, inspirational and periodically, inappropriate. And he always tells a good yarn. In this episode, Paul and Craig talk about lessons learned, skills acquired, awareness gained and resilience built in the middle of the shit we didn’t want, plan for or expect.

#214: Toxic Friendships

What’s the deal with ‘friends’ who aren’t actually friendly? People who manipulate, undermine, resent and backstab their alleged friends. How and why is this a thing and more importantly, why do the victims of these crap friends stick around? In this brief episode, Craig flies solo, thinking out loud about the true meaning of friendship, familiarity and proximity, the friendship litmus test, being desperate to fit in and the consequences of inhabiting a toxic friendship.

#213: Learning How to Learn

Dr. Richard Huysmans is an academic, pracademic and for the last two months, home-schooling dad. He has spent his life learning how to learn effectively and helping others do the same. In this episode of TYP, Richard and Craig talk about conscious and unconscious learning, academic and non-academic learning, learning styles, developing a personal learning system, studying vs. learning, going back to formal study and the health benefits of stimulating our brain as we age.

#212: The Corona Mind

Psychologist Jacqui Louder is back on TYP and she’s talking about some of the mental health challenges and consequences of the pandemic. Jacqui discusses some of her own Covid challenges and issues and more broadly, she and Craig talk about brain training, dealing with anxiety, why we’re all control freaks, our ‘survival’ brain, why we struggle in stillness, the psychology of guilt and the addiction we have to being busy. Enjoy.

#211: Self-Awareness and Self-Understanding

What is self-awareness? Why does it matter? How can we improve it? What impact does it have on everything from work, relationships and problem-solving to anxiety, happiness and connection? Why do I do think the way I think, feel the way I feel and behave the way I behave? Where does all this ‘me stuff’ come from and does it serve me or sabotage me? This brief episode is not so much a (typical) podcast, as it is Craig sharing a few thoughts and ideas around self-awareness (internal and external) and the understanding of self. It’s a brief introduction to a very big conversation. Kind of a podcast-ette. Enjoy.

#210: Re-Defining Success

TYP favourite, Geoff Jowett has reinvented himself over the last few years. The one-time high-flying, drug-taking, ego-driven, money-making entrepreneur had all the trappings of success, but none of the experience. The external show was a façade hiding a plethora of personal issues, challenges, addictions and pain. As many of you know, Geoff hit rock bottom and now describes that painful time as the best thing to ever happen to him. In this episode, we discuss the stories we have around money, tapping into the universal intelligence, the healing power of animals, dealing with criticism and negativity, being fully present, why soft is strong, being addicted to drama, getting triggered, the joy of stillness and the freedom of having nothing to prove. This is maybe my favourite Geoff chat.

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