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#379: Is Retirement a Good Idea?

Is the idea of retirement better than the reality of it? Are people happier when their career is over? Is it a bad idea for some people? Should it be a graduated thing over time or a ‘finish work on Friday and be retired on Monday’, type of thing? Of course, there’s no single answer to these questions but it’s safe to say that the experience of retirement, is not always the theoretical fun-fest it’s made out to be. In this chat, Dr. Ingrid Nielsen and I talk about the pros and cons of retirement, how to do it well, why some people slide into depression and the post-career need for connection, purpose, focus and challenges, combined with a level of physical, mental, emotional and social stimulation. Enjoy.

#378: Chemobrain

Cancer Survivor, Cancer Related Cognitive Impairment sufferer (Chemobrain), Advocate, Legal Warrior, Fighter of Injustice, Medical Detective, Feather Ruffler, Disruptor and Author of the book ‘Chemobrain’, Tracy-lea Connor has had a fascinating journey and in this episode of TYP, she shares some important messages. Enjoy.

#377: Off The Grid

Mark Kluwer, former tradie living in suburban Melbourne, now lives off the grid amidst 70 acres of nature; a facility he’s called Elevated Springs in country Victoria, where he has built (much by hand) a retreat space for people like you and me to escape the 2021-ness of life and get back to the basics. Disconnection from tech and busy-ness, to connection with ourselves and ‘Mother Earth’. Think ice baths, exercise, breathwork, axe throwing and good tucker. Mark’s energy and passion is undeniable as he shares what for him, were life-changing experiences. I might just see you at Elevated Springs soon.

#376: Can Obsession be Healthy?

It turns out that Dr. Ingrid (our resident Psychiatrist) might have a few obsessive issues of her own. She may even be something of a perfectionist. How dare she be human. This is a fun chat about some interesting topics and along the way, the good Doc shares some personal details for the first time in public. Enjoy.

#375: Lifting Stuff: Beginners to Advanced

I recently sat down with Russell Jarrett from The Australian Fitness Podcast and we discussed the ins and outs of strength training. Along the way we explored strength training for everyone from teenagers through to our more ‘experienced’ citizens, recovery, intensity, volume, frequency, program design and lots more. Enjoy.

#374: The Common Path to Uncommon Success

John Lee Dumas (JLD) is the founder and host of one of the world’s most successful business podcasts; Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning show where he has interviewed people like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss and many more about all-things entrepreneurial, business and success. JLD is pioneer in the podcast space, having created the first show committed to chatting with successful Entrepreneurs (in 2012). This episode of TYP is a brief but interesting chat with a high-performance, high-energy human who, this week (as I write), is doing fifty-four interviews to pump his new book, ‘The Common Path to Uncommon Success’. Strap in.

#373: A Conversation About Autism

Dr. Gemma Foxall (PhD.) is a University Lecturer, Researcher, Advocate, Speaker, Consultant and Service Provider supporting children aged 0-16 years old pending a diagnosis, or already diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She also informs, educates and inspires parents, teachers, carers, employers and the broader community to better understand and support people on the spectrum. Gemma is a passionate advocate who is all about loving, serving and empowering people in our community who really need more support, resources and understanding.


#372: The Busy Badge

This conversation with Bianca Chatfield was quite different to our previous TYP encounters. It seems that our high-performing (ex)Elite Athlete, TV Host, Sports Commentator, Corporate Speaker, Author and one-time Reality TV Person (The Block) has recognised that busy-ness and box-ticking might not always be the best strategy. After an interesting year, it’s a much more reflective, contemplative and vulnerable Bianca who sits down to chat this time. I think this is my favourite chat with her.


#371: Richard Beddie: CEO, Exercise NZ

I’ve never spoken less in a podcast and I enjoyed every minute of it. Fortunately, everything Richard Beddie (the boss of Fitness New Zealand) had to say was worth hearing. He is possibly the most passionate and enthusiastic Fitness Professional I’ve ever met and that’s saying something, because I know some total maniacs! We covered vast territory in this chat and I think you’ll enjoy it.


#370: You, Me and OCD

Brad McEwan is an interesting fella, great communicator, deep thinker and semi-regular on TYP. Of course, he’s well-known for his decades of work as a Sports Journalist, Presenter and Host on a multitude of platforms but mainly for his work on the Ten Network. This was an interesting chat about all things perspective, mindset, attitude and subjective reality but in the last fifteen minutes (or so), Brad and Melissa go deep with their own ongoing Obsessive Challenges and it’s absolutely fascinating listening. Enjoy.


#369: Steph Tisdell

Steph Tisdell is a comedian, actor, storyteller, deep thinker and half a lawyer, who, like most of us, is working through her sh*t, navigating the complexities of life and having some laughs along the way. Enjoy.


#368: The Science of Resilience

In this episode of TYP, Paul Taylor and I do a deep dive into his PhD research, which is all around performing under pressure, keep our sh*t together in the mess and mayhem, psychological and physiological responses to stress, the impact of anxiety on skill level, concentration and performance, how he’s conducting his research and his fascinating work with the military. It’s a little sciencey but I think you’ll dig it. Enjoy.


#367: The Self Help Antidote

Apart from being one of the smartest people I know, a brilliant communicator, renowned speaker, published author, expert in human behaviour and genius at simplifying (what can be) complex ideas and concepts, Bobby Cappuccio is also one of my best mates. This episode of TYP is a ‘share’ of a conversation we had recently on his new Podcast; The Self Help Antidote. I loved it.

#366: The Boxer and the Nurse

To say Ron and Sharyn Smith have had (are having) an interesting life together doesn’t come close to doing their story justice. Peaks, troughs, alcohol, drugs, pain, joy, professional boxing, a thirteen year-old jockey, a young nurse, massive weight loss, reversing diabetes, trouble with the police, personal tragedies, cancer, marathons, ultramarathons, writing books, inspiring others, physical transformation, changing careers (in his 50’s), personal training at 77 (Ron is booked out), recovery, healing, nutritional therapy and lots more. It sounds like mayhem (and some of it was) but ultimately, theirs’ is a story of connection, love and hope. Enjoy.

#365: The Whole TYP Crew

Melissa, Tiff and I have never done a podcast together and to say this episode wasn’t what I thought it might be, is an understatement. While it didn’t go where I expected, it turned out to be a raw, emotional and confronting conversation that will definitely resonate with (and be helpful for) some. As many of you know, Melissa is naturally quiet and doesn’t really like talking about herself. Well, it’s fair to say that, during the course of this episode buttons were pushed, tears were shed, the conversation came (momentarily) to a halt and at one stage, it looked like the episode would be scrapped. All of which has remained in the recording. There’s no pretending, role-playing or sugar-coating here and while some moments are uncomfortable, they are also powerful. And authentic. The reality of life is that sometimes conversations are hard, things get emotional, issues arise and without planning or intending, we find ourselves in the middle of something messy, magical and important. Thanks Tiff for asking good questions and thanks Melissa for being brave and vulnerable. Enjoy.

#364: How to Find a Good PT (and other stuff)

For this episode, I momentarily stepped back in to Personal Trainer, Exercise Scientist and Fitness Educator mode, with Tiff firing a barrage of questions at me about all things training, exercise programming, physical transformation, the fitness industry, the early days of PT (the 80’s), hourly rates, perceived value, how to find a good PT and lots more. As always, we veer off course multiple times. I blame Tiff. Enjoy.

#363: The Alternate Classroom

Joelene Lavrick was a classroom teacher who now works with primary school-aged children (in person and online in seventy-four countries!) to improve their emotional health and manage their mind. Her program (Mind Ninja) was designed to help kids build confidence and self-esteem, understand, manage and reduce anxiety, learn to be mindful, improve social interactions, understand the feelings of others and to be ‘present’. Apart from the obvious messages (around helping and empowering kids), there’s also an equally interesting story in this episode about a woman (who still suffers from anxiety), with no business background and limited confidence, who turned an idea in her head and a passion in her heart into, not only a valuable service, but also a thriving and growing business. Enjoy.


#362: The Dogs that Saved Geoff

I always love connecting with Geoff Jowett but this chat was extra raw, real and revealing. Geoff shares about his depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, addictive nature, self-destruction and the fact that, without his two beloved dogs (William and Harry), he might not “be around”. We also discuss turning down the internal noise, redefining success, finding our bliss, effectiveness vs. busy-ness, the elusive nature of satisfaction and whether or not contentment and ambition can co-exist. Enjoy.


#361: Chicken Soup and Inspiration

Mark Victor Hansen is an American inspirational and motivational author and speaker, best known as the founder and co-creator of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ book series. Along with business partner, Jack Canfield, Mark created what Time magazine called “the publishing phenomenon of the decade”. Chicken Soup for the Soul books are one of the most successful publishing franchises in the world today, with more than 500 million books sold internationally and more than 100 licensed products. Mark has appeared on Oprah, CNN and The Today Show, was featured in Time, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, The New York Times and Entrepreneur Magazine and now he’s (obviously) peaked, with an appearance on The You Project. Mark’s amazing wife (Crystal Dwyer Hansen) joined him for this chat and it’s fair to say that they’re a formidable duo. Crystal is an international speaker, researcher, corporate consultant, author, entrepreneur and is a powerhouse in her own right. Enjoy.

#360: Embracing the Suck

Lisa Tamati is an extreme ultra endurance athlete with 25 years competing in the world’s toughest endurance events, running in more than 140 ultra marathons and is someone who has consistently explored the outer limits of human performance, on a physical, mental and emotional level. She is a curious mix of brilliant, crazy, terrifying, courageous and inspirational. Apart from being a world-class athlete, Lisa is also a best-selling author, speaker, biohacker, podcaster, researcher, high-performance coach, non-conformist and disruptor (all is revealed in the conversation). This episode contains one of the best stories ever told on The You Project and there is a spontaneous moment with an unplanned guest, which is complete gold. This episode goes straight into my top 10. Love her. Enjoy.

#359: Pete Shepherd

I love Pete Shepherd because he’s a Coach who doesn’t sound ‘Coachy’. He’s just an interesting dude who loves going deep, loves people, is empathetic, has a gentle and humble way of sharing ideas and is one of the most ‘present’ guests to have a conversation with. Enjoy.

#358: Behind the Scenes at Craig HQ

If Melissa and I got together to combine a staff meeting and brainstorming session (for 2021) with a podcast… it would be this episode. In it, we unpack the changes (personally and professionally) we’ve made over the last year (and why), what’s worked and what hasn’t, what we’ve learned, how we’ve grown and how we might run our business (workshops, seminars, online, offline, podcast, mentoring, education, camps) moving forward. Oh, and I also explain my PhD research in some detail, which some of you will find interesting and some.. not so much. Enjoy.

#357: The Unintentional Conversation

Melissa and I sat down to explore a particular topic and for some weird reason, we didn’t even get to it. At all. I blame her. Sometimes a particular podcast is planned but what ensues is an organic conversation about something totally different.. which just happens to be recorded. This was that. What we ended up discussing was dealing with setbacks, getting in the zone (flow state), my pre-gig routine, becoming conscious of our inner dialogue, people-pleasing, discovering our personal blueprint, the space between ‘self’ and body, being congruent (words, actions) and lots more. Enjoy.

#356: Professor Erin Cotter-Smith

Associate Professor Erin Cotter-Smith is an Epidemiologist with extensive experience teaching and researching within the multidisciplinary fields of prehospital and disaster response. She holds the positions of Convenor of the Psychosocial Special Interest Group and Deputy Chair of the Oceania Chapter, volunteers as a Research Consultant with The Code 9 Foundation, is a member of the Research Committee of the Australian and New Zealand College of Paramedicine and is a Research Mentor for the ANZCP’s mentor scheme. Among other things, the good Prof. opens up about her personal battle with cancer and to say that she is fascinating, brilliant, inspiring and hilarious is an understatement. Enjoy.

#355: Could You Repeat That Slowly?

Dr. John Demartini is one of the world’s most prolific Authors, Speakers, Educators and Mentors in areas as diverse as personal development, relationships, wealth, education, philosophy, psychology and business. I will warn you up front that this episode goes deep, covers lots of territory, gets a little science, may require some extra concentration and possibly, caffeine. Good luck.

#354: Intelligence

In this episode of TYP, we discuss.. Different kinds of Intelligence. The limitation of IQ tests. Where our beliefs come from. Changing beliefs. Unconscious programming. My terrible school reports. Why we think we’re stupid. Intuitive intelligence. Acquired knowledge vs. innate intelligence. Identity and belief. Our addiction to belonging. Group think (echo chambers). The challenge of being open-minded. Being okay with being wrong. How to create new beliefs. And lots more…

#353: When the Motivation Fades

I’ve spent much of my career talking with individuals, teams and organisations about the function, value, limitation and science of motivation, when it comes to the challenges of personal transformation, competition, high performance, behaviour change and human optimisation. In this episode, I slide into Coaching mode and go deep and hard, so put on your big boy (girl) pants.

#352: Forget the Plan

Sometimes no plan is the best plan. When Bobby and I talk, any semblance of a plan, particular topic, direction or predetermined theme, go out the window. This time we covered everything from learning styles, social cohesion, retaining information and building a team to unreasonable friends, metacognition and self-awareness. None of which was my plan. Enjoy.


#351: The Strongest Woman I Know (literally)

Liz Craven is a freak. In a good way. Pound for pound (kilo for kilo), she’s one of the strongest women in the world. You might find the fact that she has squatted 160.5 kgs (353.1lbs), deadlifted 190 kgs (418lbs) and bench-pressed 87.5 kgs (192.5lbs) in competition (more in training) impressive but here’s the really freaky part; her ‘walking around’ weight is 55kgs, her competition weight is 52 kgs, her height is 4’11” (150cm’s) and her age is 45. She’s also a mum, wife, business owner, reformed party girl (went hard apparently), did zero training until her mid-thirties and.. she’s still getting stronger. As someone who has worked with more strength athletes than I can remember, owned multiple gyms, lifted weights for over forty years, worked with numerous professional sporting teams and lectured Exercise Science at University level, I can honestly say that Liz’s strength is truly freak-ish. Even if you have zero interest in powerlifting, this is an interesting chat with an interesting human about potential, possibilities, decision-making and the ever-present challenge of changing thinking, habits, behaviours, outcomes and in Liz’s case, a life. Enjoy.


#350: From Year 11 Failure to Mica Flight Paramedic

Matt Shepherd’s journey from being a disinterested student who hated study and failed year eleven, to Mica Flight Paramedic (the highest qualification in Ambulance Victoria), University Lecturer, TV regular (on ‘Paramedics’) and highly respected medical professional with multiple degrees and post-graduate qualifications, is fascinating. Matt’s story exemplifies what can be achieved when passion, inspiration, hard work and the right mindset collide. Enjoy.

#349: Medicine, Connection and Compassion

This was a surprise episode for me. What I thought might be a typical (but interesting) conversation with a highly qualified and skilled Emergency Physician (Dr. Stephen Parnis) about all things medicine, health and maybe Covid, turned out to be something much bigger, better and more powerful. For me anyway. Compassion, empathy, sharing bad news with patients, being with people as they die (the greatest privilege of being a doctor, according to Stephen), dealing with daily trauma, being calm and present in the middle of chaos, identity, the fine line between discipline and obsession and lots more. Enjoy.

#348: You and Your Time

This started off being a very practical conversation with Tiff about all-things.. time. The way we use it, waste it, allocate it, experience it and even, bend it. Along the way, we discussed busy-ness vs. efficiency, time as a subjective experience, time as an important resource and the fact that, while time is infinite, our allocation is not.About half way through the chat, we took an unplanned left turn (as is often the way when I’m involved) down a conversational rabbit hole of psychology, philosophy and spirituality. It seemed to make sense at the time! I enjoyed it, hope you do too.

#347: Deadly Paths

Peter Seymour joined the New South Wales Police Force in 1980 as an eighteen-year-old and spent twenty-four years in Police; four years in uniform, twelve as a detective and eight years as a Police Prosecutor. He’s seen, done and experienced things that he can never un-see, un-do, un-experience and perhaps most importantly, can never forget. Pathological liars, psychopaths, murderers, gruesome crime scenes, violence, retrieving bodies, heart-breaking conversations with families and the constant challenge of trying to be mentally and emotionally ‘in control’, in the middle of the most confronting, disturbing and traumatic situations. And then, the challenge of going home and be a ‘regular’ dad and husband. This chat was fascinating. *Deadly Paths is the name of Peter’s second book. The first is called, Seven Bones: Two Wives, Two Violent Murders, a Fight for Justice.

#346: New Year Revolution (Anna Feringa)

Well, we made it. This episode of TYP is our final Instalment of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series and this time I sit down with workplace mental health expert, Anna Feringa. As always, she’s interesting, clever and a bit funny. Enjoy.


#345: New Year Revolution (Danielle Grant)

This episode of The You Project is instalment nine of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series (we’re on the home straight) and this time, Exercise Physiologist, Gym Owner (Reach Your Peak PT) and Mum of two, Danielle Grant and I talk about managing our mind, body and energy in 2021. Enjoy.

#344: New Year Revolution (Geoff Jowett)

This is instalment eight of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series and this needs bloke zero introduction. As always, Geoff is funny, inspiring and direct AF. Enjoy.

#343: New Year Revolution (Steph Prem)

This episode of The You Project is instalment seven of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series and this time, Winter Olympian, Pilates Queen, Studio PP Owner, TV Sports Commentator and Health Coach Steph Prem is back downloading some ‘info and inspo’ (see what I did there), as we open the door on another year. Enjoy.


#342: New Year Revolution (Jason Cunningham)

This episode of The You Project is instalment six of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series and our resident business-money bloke Jason Cunningham is back, talking not only numbers, bottom lines and bank balances, but we also manage to open the door on a little psychology, philosophy and human behaviour. Enjoy.


#341: New Year Revolution (Dr. Ingrid Nielsen)

This episode of The You Project is instalment five of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. This time I sit down with our favourite Psychiatrist, Dr. Ingrid Nielsen and as always, she delivers. Enjoy.

#340: New Year Revolution (Carly Taylor)

This episode of The You Project is instalment four of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. This time I sit down with Carly Taylor and as always, we explore the peaks and troughs of the human experience and (obviously) talk about what we might do, be, create and change in 2021. Enjoy.


#339: New Year Revolution (Tony Doherty)

This episode of The You Project is instalment three of our 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. This time I sit down with down with Fitness Industry Pioneer Tony Doherty and we reflect on the year gone and discuss the year ahead. Enjoy.


#338: New Year Revolution (Part 2)

This is the second instalment in my 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. This episode is the completion of my ‘21 life-shaping questions worth considering for 2021’. As with the previous ep, you might need something to take notes on (if you’re keen to turn the theory into action). Enjoy.

#337: New Year Revolution (Part 1)

This episode is the first instalment in my 10-part ‘New Year Revolution’ series. In it, I explore twenty-one life-shaping questions worth considering for 2021. You might need something to take notes on with this one (if you’re keen to turn the theory into action). Enjoy.

#336: Blown up by a Bomb

Sergeant Michael Lyddiard was 12 years into a planned 20-year career with the Australian Army when his world was shattered by two kilograms of insurgent explosives in Afghanistan. The bomb disposal expert was uncovering an improvised explosive device when it detonated, blowing off his lower right arm and half of his left hand, taking out his right eye, permanently damaging the vision in his left eye, inflicting severe lacerations to the rest of his head and leaving him with permanent facial scarring. This is a confronting, raw and real conversation with a man who is still on the journey of recovery, discovery and healing. It’s not always uplifting, feel-good or comfortable but then, neither is life. He’s an amazing man who has seen and been through some horrible shit. This chat gave me a new level of respect, awareness and understanding of what the brave souls who protect our country do. Enjoy.

#335: The Healing Power of a Mum’s Love

I like to think I’m kind-of tough but really, I’m not. And this becomes apparent when I talk with someone like Josh Komen who, while in training for the Commonwealth Games (as a runner), was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Apart from the horrendous side effects of the radiation and chemotherapy, the never-ending brutal pain, the stem cell transplants, the bone marrow transplant, the twenty-plus heart attacks (that’s not a typo) and the almost life-ending infections, there was also the ‘two-weeks-to-live’ prognosis given by doctors. In this inspiring and emotional chat, Josh talks identity, purpose, suicide, depression, healing, hope and possibly the most therapeutic treatment of all time; a mum’s love. Get the tissues ready.

#334: Gambling, Addiction, Murder, Fame and Healing

💬 ”When I was eight, I was staying in a one-bedroom apartment with my dad and he was shot dead, sleeping next to me.”
💬 ”I lost six and a half million gambling.”
💬 ”I had twenty-three knee operations.”
💬 ”To get off cigarettes (having started smoking in his thirties), I tried cigars and quickly wound up smoking forty a day.”
💬 ”I was a dickhead.”
I have no idea how, but David Schwarz is one of the most positive and optimistic people I know. And I know a few. To say he has had an interesting life is like saying that Michael Jordan wasn’t bad at basketball. His journey has been one of pain and pleasure, suffering and survival, truth and lies, addiction and recovery, fame and f*cks ups and ultimately, one of love, hope and laughter. Enjoy.

#333: Food: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

Miranda Leeden is a Food Scientist and Clinical Nutritionist and just like me (and many of you), she’s had her own challenges with body image, emotional eating, self-esteem, obsessive training and the propensity to over-think the crap out of everything to do with our body. And despite our collective issues, here we are having a chat about how to create an operating system (around food) that works on a mental, emotional, physical, practical and sociological level. Enjoy.


#332: The World is Your Classroom

It sounds cheesy but it’s true; the world really is our classroom, every moment is an opportunity to learn and every person is a potential teacher when we step into each day with awareness, curiosity and humility. In this episode of TYP, Ian O’Dwyer (OD) and I talk about the value of life lessons, biofeedback, atypical education, experiential learning, instinct and the therapeutic benefits of laughing at silly shit.


#331: Person, Persona, Performer

Andrew May is a younger, prettier version of me. Like me, he has spent much of his working life in the high-performance space with elite sporting teams, Olympians, businesses, creative performers and the general public. In this episode of TYP, we talk about being fully present (as opposed to ‘kind-of’ present), the separation of person and persona, authenticity, ‘failing’ at marriage, being an awesome listener, pseudo conversations and identifying our own life philosophy. Enjoy.


#330: Epiphanies, Life Lessons and Labouring

Russell Robertson played 228 games for the Melbourne Football Club, is one of four players in the club’s history to have led the goalkicking in four or more seasons and was known for his spectacular marking. Robbo is a dad, musician, deep-thinker and hard worker who, thanks to the pandemic, in 2020 has found himself swapping the guitar and microphone for a shovel, hammer and wheelbarrow, working in construction. Robbo has a great attitude, is infectiously positive and I loved our chat. Enjoy.

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