Pull Your Finger Out

Not surprisingly, Craig’s latest book is a no-nonsense, straight-talking instruction manual for life. It’s filled with funny stories, simple strategies, unique insights, powerful messages and more swearing than his mother would like. Each of the 101 brief chapters is a self-contained lesson, meaning that it doesn’t need to be read front to back. It’s a resource, not a novel. Ironically, this book is written for people who don’t (necessarily) like reading books. It’s an easy read; relaxed, amusing and relevant

Stop F*cking Around

The Self-Help book for people who hate Self-Help. It’s simple, strategic, funny and empowering. Some of us have been setting the same goals, losing and regaining the same weight, making and breaking the same promises, having the same pointless conversations about the same mindless crap, avoiding the same issues, making the same excuses and, let’s be honest, f*cking around for years. In this amusing, entertaining and sometimes confronting book, Craig tells us why – when it comes to our own lives – we’re both the problem and the solution.


Most experts teach that losing weight and creating our best body is all about finding the right diet and exercise program. 

Motivator and Exercise Scientist Craig Harper teaches that creating life-long physical change is largely a psychological and emotional process.

The Angry Ant

The Angry Ant is a personal development book for kids wrapped in a ‘Once Upon a Time’ story. It’s a book with important messages, concepts and conversation-starters, with the core themes being tolerance, communication, awareness, perspective, choices, kindness, happiness, anger, acceptance and friendship. While it’s most suitable for kids in the four to eight (year) range, the messages are relevant for all of us.