Is Your Life in a Holding Pattern?

Do you ever feel like your life, or part thereof, is in a perpetual holding pattern? And not in a good way? Welcome to the club. Consciously or not, intentionally or not, some of us will spend a great deal of our lives at Stagnation Central; the town where nothing and nobody changes. It’s also know as the Intention Dimension; the realm where intentions never come to life.

Yep, we do it with our bodies; specifically, with our health, fitness and weight. And sure, we might change for a while but, invariably, there comes a time when we unchange. So to speak. Some of us have been almost changing stuff for years. We do it with our careers. And our relationships. Our finances. Our nasty habits. We spin our wheels for many reasons and in a range of creative ways, but on some level, our lack of doing usually comes down to fear. Fear of pain. Fear of hard work. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of commitment. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being alone or rejected. Fear of doing what success demands.


Ask anyone living at Stagnation Central why they’re not changing certain behaviours (habits, results) or addressing particular issues in their life and they will invariably wheel out one very logical-sounding reason after another. And naturally, he or she is always just about to change their life in a dramatic way. Any moment now.

No, really.

If there’s one thing Stagnation Central residents are proficient at, it’s explaining why they are not doing the things they should. And as we all know, in many cases an explanation is really just a lame excuse in a pretty dress.

Sadly, for some talented, clever and creative people, genuine and lasting transformation will never be more than an idea, a wish and a hope. And not because they can’t do, be and create ‘amazing’, but because they won’t. Their intention will never be their action, their potential will never be explored and their theory will never be their reality.

Such a waste.

If you’ve been residing at Stagnation Central, maybe it’s time for a change of scenery?

“Don’t die with your music still in you.”

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