Reprogramming Your Body

A Living Computer

Did you know that your body is a living, breathing organic computer that can easily be reprogrammed to operate differently? More efficiently and effectively? To do different things and produce different results? To run new programs? For some of us, it’s time to reboot.

Sugar Addiction

I remember when I switched from two sugars in my coffee, to one. Have you been there? For me, it was a very long time ago but I still recall it clearly. My coffee tasted like crap. I hated it. Not sweet enough. For a week or so. Then somehow, it tasted ok. A week after that, it tasted great. Sweet, even. A few months later, I dropped sugar altogether and my early-morning beverage was almost undrinkable. I hated it. Again. Sugarless coffee tasted bitter. Harsh, even. I persevered. A week later it was tolerable. Two weeks into the process, better still. Three weeks in, my body had totally reprogrammed itself to enjoy sugarless coffee. I had transitioned from about seventy teaspoons of sugar per week (good grief), to zero. If you listen carefully, you can still hear my pancreas and teeth applauding.


For the last eight weeks, I’ve been training (three days a week) with a mate; Mick. While Mick has worked out before, this is probably the first time he’s trained and eaten methodically and consistently. In less than two months, heavy weights have become light for him. Difficult cardio sessions have become easy. His slow recovery (between sets) has become fast recovery. His lethargic metabolism is now wide awake. His skin has changed. His eyes are clearer. His energy is through the roof. And his body functions more efficiently now that it has rid itself of twelve unnecessary kilos (26lbs). In order to cope with the new demands, Mick’s body has totally reprogrammed itself. Better program, better results.

A Carb-less Life?

Your body needs carbohydrate to function. To survive. With out any carbohydrate your brain can’t do what it’s meant to and you’ll eventually go blind. Cut all sugar and carbs (and I don’t mean just starchy carbs, I mean all carbs) out of your diet, even for a day, and you’ll start to feel like shite. Medically speaking. Having said that, obviously, there are some situations where people may not have access to carbs for months on end (some people living in Arctic regions, for example) but they still seem to function okay. How come? Thanks for asking. Well, your body (the living, breathing computer that it is) has the ability to reprogram itself in the absence of a required macronutrient like carbohydrate. Via a process called gluconeogenesis, your body will turn non-carb macronutrients (fat, protein) into usable carbohydrate. So, when there’s not a carb in sight, your body will simply adapt and make its own!

Now that is genius.

The Last Bit

Human bodies are incredible machines. They are highly adaptable, self-regulating, self-adjusting living computers that constantly respond to various kinds of stress and stimuli. Both good and bad. When we do different things (like change our diet, exercise habits, lifestyle and behaviours), our body can’t help but adapt. Reprogram itself. That’s the way it works. For most of us, the biggest challenge we have with our body, is our head. Your body will reprogram itself (adapt, change) when it has to.

So, give it a reason.

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