Exercise: Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work!

Same, Same

Have you noticed how many people exercise consistently, yet always look the same? Me too. Which wouldn’t be a problem if their goal was to avoid any kind of physical transformation. Some people have been doing the same workout (or very similar), at the same intensity, for the same amount of time, on the same kind of equipment for ever. And then they wonder why their body doesn’t change. Why they always look the same. Curious, isn’t it?

They want ‘different’ but they never ‘do’ different.

“Well Sally, your body hasn’t changed because it doesn’t need to. You constantly stimulate it the same way, therefore there’s no need for it to adapt.”

It’s amazing how little people know about the way their body works; especially in relation to changing the way it looks, feels and functions. Even some professionals. When it comes to the matter of exercise, people often make decisions based on (1) ignorance (2) comfort (3) emotion and/or (4) convenience; none of which are particularly effective mechanisms for producing lasting physical change or maximising one’s genetics.

The exercise program we love to do (enjoy, find easy) is not necessarily the program that will produce the kind of results we’re after. Enjoying the actual workout (at the time) is not usually the same as maximising one’s time, energy and genetic potential. It’s been my observation that, when it comes to the matter of exercise intensity, relevance and progression, most people are going through the motions. They may exercise consistantly but they don’t exercise optimally. Not based on their goals and potential, anyway.

In terms of what’s possible (regarding an individual’s physical potential), most people are under-achieving. Unless, of course, the training goal is maintenance.

Like many other pursuits, more often that not, it’s our addiction to routine, comfort and familiarity that stands between us and our best body. If, like many, you’re frustrated and underwhelmed with your lack of results, then from right now you can make a decision to stimulate your body in new ways. To do different. To stop being predictable and safe. To stop doing what doesn’t work. To start doing effective and stop doing easy. And to stop allowing your over-thinking, fearful mind to get in the way of your body’s incredible potential. Is it time for you to take the handbrake off your body?

You might be surprised at what a high-performance machine it is.

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