The Education Myth

Some people are educated. Some are smart. Some are both. Some educated people are idiots. Some uneducated people are genii. Some seemingly-uneducated people are actually highly-educated; just in a different way. Put the sophisticated city-dweller in a remote jungle and see who the intelligent one is; him or the ‘uneducated’ native. Some people understand the theory of everything but can’t deal with the reality of anything; academically brilliant but practically inept.

Some people can perform complex algorithms in their head but don’t know when someone needs a hug; high IQ, low EQ. Some people have impressive vocabularies but can’t communicate. Others explore quantum physics with ease but can’t poach an egg. Some have a gift for understanding human behaviour even though they’ve never been near a psychology book. And some will play ten instruments despite their inability to read music. Convention tells us that a person’s intelligence can be determined by answering some questions on a standardised test.

Sometimes, convention is stupid.

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