The Stress Myth

Wow, that’s a stressful situation.”

Really? Then why isn’t everyone (in that situation) stressed? If being stressed was about the situation (as opposed to some kind of individual response to that situation) then everyone would experience the same emotional response at the same time. Clearly, they don’t. Situations don’t create stress, people do.

“That woman stresses me.”

No she doesn’t; you stress yourself. But she’s your trigger.

“He makes me angry.”

No, that’s all you. The only person who can control your emotional state is you. He only has the influence (control, impact, power) that you allow him to have.

Being Stressed

The emotional state of ‘being stressed’ (as we know it) is a self-created one. It is a reaction (to something) and you are the reactor. The moment you say “this or that makes me (insert negative emotion)” is the moment you hand over your power to a situation, a circumstance, an event or another person.

You have two choices:

(1)   Consciously control your internal environment.
(2)   Be controlled by your external environment.

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