Don’t Make Your Age a Problem

There comes a point in our journey where some of us start to get a little vague about our age. For a range of reasons (mostly rooted in fear), we begin to get creative, if not downright deceptive, about how old we are. Consciously or not, intentionally or not, we see getting older as a problem, handicap or something to hide.

And if that’s what we believe, that’s what we’ll project, attract and create.

Although it can start in our thirties, the age vague-ness typically begins not long after the dreaded fortieth birthday. All of a sudden, people who are forty-two or three become ‘forty-ish’. People who are forty-five or six are somehow ‘early forties’. And people who are forty-eight or nine call themselves ‘forty-somethings’.

For the record, I love being forty-eight. Not forty-something.

I’m excited about what I might do, be and achieve in my fifties. I have never felt better physically, mentally, emotionally or creatively. And this is not some kind of wishful thinking, mumbo-jumbo, self-help diatribe for your benefit or encouragement. No, this is my day-to-day literal experience. I’m still excited about learning, growing and developing personally and professionally, and I still love hitting the gym with the boys and smashing the crap out of my body (in a loving way). When I think about my age (which is rare), my overwhelming emotion is gratitude. And, as I’ve said many times before, I can’t change my chronological age but I can change my choices, behaviours, reactions and outcomes at my age.

Do people judge me (in some way) because of my age? Probably. Not sure. Do I care? Not at all. Their opinions, beliefs and expectations don’t determine me and neither does my age.

If you believe your age is a problem, it will be.