Your Potential

Human potential fascinates me.

Helping people discover and explore theirs is, for the most part, my job. Over the years, I’ve watched people with not-so-much potential exploit every ounce of what they’ve been given, while creating some astonishing results along the way. And, at the other end of the spectrum, I’ve watched people with breath-taking talent and amazing possibilities waste what they’ve been given in all sorts of curious and destructive ways. By itself, potential achieves nothing and is worth nothing. To be valuable and life-changing, it must be activated, exploited, developed and used.

By you.

Wasting your enormous potential is like having a million dollars in the bank that you never spend while living in poverty and hating every moment of your existence. It’s totally unnecessary, yet totally common. Resources (be they money, potential, knowledge, education or other) are only valuable when we choose to do something intelligent and constructive with them. Knowledge doesn’t produce results. Neither does potential. Or planning. No, it’s the application (of the knowledge, the potential and the plan) that gets the job done. Knowing, wanting and intending isn’t doing and out in the real world, the rewards live in the doing.

Turning on the Tap

I’m of the opinion that we all have vast reserves of untapped potential. I also believe that, at this point in time, some of us (many, perhaps) are backstroking in a sea of mediocrity and misery. Unnecessarily, of course. On some level, we continue to avoid, to deny, to blame, to rationalise and, of course, to wait. And wait. We waste so much time. Sadly, some people will die waiting. We waste talent. Intelligence. Education. Opportunities. And in the middle of all our waiting and wasting, we ‘hope’ things will ‘work out’.

The million dollars is there my friend.

All you need to do is start investing it.

“I don’t care how much talent you have, I care how much you use.”

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