The Unhealthy Mind

Mind Your Mind

Like your body, your mind needs to be fed.

And, as with your body, you have a vast range of dietary options for the space that exists between your ears. Good and bad. Healthy and unhealthy. You can pump your mind full of unhealthy junk or you can opt for something a little more high-performance, therapeutic and life-enhancing. You can spend time with people who will drag you up or people who will drag you down. You can have stimulating, uplifting conversations or you can immerse yourself in ugly, unhealthy bitching sessions. You can be problem-obsessed or solution-focused. You can look for lessons or catastrophes. Either way, you’ll find them.

Your thoughts are your reality.

Some people will gorge themselves on a steady diet of negativity, gossip, self-loathing, self-pity, pessimism, obsessive thinking and analysis paralysis. They will find problems, drama, obstacles and rejection because that’s what they look for. Some will watch countless hours of mind-numbing, brain cell-destroying television (more than twenty-three hours per week is the average) and never read anything more enlightening, educational or challenging than a cereal box. Some will experience cognitive decline, not because of their age or some genetic pre-determination but simply because they don’t stimulate, train or challenge their brain.

Their brain has been sitting on the couch and eating cake for far too long. Metaphorically speaking.

Some people will play computer games until their prefrontal cortex turns to mush, drool cascades from their bottom lip and their eyes begin to bleed. Almost. Some will reside in unhealthy and destructive relationships while doing nothing to change their situation and some will have the same pointless conversations and arguments about the same issues with the same people only to produce the same unhealthy outcomes. Forever. And that, my friends, is a very unhealthy diet.

Your body is your transport but your mind is where you live.

Train it. Nurture it. Value it. Respect it. Feed it well.

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