Your Story

Once Upon a Time There Was… You.

Think of your life as a story. The story of you. Like most stories, yours will be broken into chapters. Maybe many chapters, maybe a few. And like most good stories, yours will contain highs and lows, lessons and laughter, break-ups and break-downs, tears of joy and sadness, revelations and realisations, pain and pleasure. If you’re like the majority, then over the years your story will shift from comedy, to psychological thriller, to epic love story, to action drama and all the way back to comedy.

Sometimes, all in the same day.

But unlike most of the stories we’re all familiar with, your story is still largely unwritten. Like every other day, today can be a new chapter in the book of you. It’s an opportunity for you to write something fresh, inspiring and authentic. And for some of us, it’s an opportunity to stop being a character in someone else’s story.

You are the author of your story.

Write courageously and write well.

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